Find Funding Toolkit

Find funding: A Toolkit

This Toolkit section on how to "Find Funding" was written by Richard Male, a national and international trainer and consultant and a leading expert on grassroots fundraising and grant writing.  He teaches graduate courses at Regis University, the University of Colorado at Denver and the State University of New York (SUNY) specializing in leadership, community organizing, public policy and fundraising. Rich is the President of Richard Male and Associates (RMA) a national training and consulting company working with nonprofits, schools, and local government. RMA also publishes grants guides for the states of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and California.

Table of Contents

The Eight-Step Approach to Grantseeking
The Nine Key Elements of Successful Proposals
The Ten Most Common Reasons Grants are Declined
How to Turn Rejection into Success
Researching Funders on the Internet:  Are We There Yet?
Ten Yardsticks to Success in Fundraising
How to Get Your Organization Ready for a Capital Campaign
How to Develop a Marketing Mindset
How to Raise Grant Money for Education
How to Raise Grant Money for Local Governments
The Iowa Nonprofit Resource Center 

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